The journey from a good idea
to an innovative and successful product.


The journey from idea to an innovative and successful product, requires a broad understanding of the technical possibilities, holistic Project management, and a knowledge of modern processes and production procedures.

By selecting Eichenauer; you are choosing the integral understanding and wide-ranging expertise our company offers - all from a single source.

We will be more than happy to tackle your challenges, advising and supporting you from the initial idea through to volume production: successful and innovative development in a reliable partnership.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Consultations

Eichenauer doesn’t produce off-the-shelf heating Elements. Instead, we collaborate with you to develop an individually engineered solution to meet your requirements. Our experts advise you before and during the entire product creation process through the start of volume production.

Project Management

Development and mass-production supply of our products would not be possible without efficient project management. Our project managers lead interdisciplinary project teams, draw on cross-departmental expertise and use the following modern tools to ensure adherence to statutory requirements and standards as well as scheduling, technological and financial specifications: PEP, VDA Maturity Level, resource and schedule planning etc.

Research and Development

Product Development

Our products require technological expertise – from the design request through to system development. We have expert and experienced product specialists covering our broad portfolio who work in close collaboration with customers and suppliers to meet development goals.

To us, expertise means ensuring effective interplay between tried-and-tested technology, good ideas and the use of technological progress. As a component and system supplier we draw on a knowledge of component interfaces and overall systems in creating our products. Since all departments that support development are based at the company’s headquarters, we are well placed to handle short development times.

We develop individual and standard products through to market readiness or up to the validated prototype stage. Adaptation development is swift, giving our customers cost-effective added value.

Product Design

Trained and experienced designers work at our in-house product design facility at our headquarters in Hatzenbühl, using cutting-edge software such as the CAD programs Catia V5 and AutoCAD to develop the technological solutions of the future. Use of a range of simulation programs and rapid prototyping help swiftly visualize product design and function.

Close dovetailing with our product and process developers enables us to adopt the right design approach in the concept phase. In fleshing out the detail, we can draw consistently on our production experience to offer our customers solutions that are production-ready.
Based on ongoing dialogue with our customers and suppliers we are able to develop exceptional technology in reasonably priced volume-production quality right from the word go.


We have extensive testing facilities for our various product lines, allowing our laboratory staff to carry out much of the professional validation themselves. We cultivate direct lines of communication and shared expertise not just internally but also with our accredited external partner laboratories.

Our broad expertise in a range of electrical, thermal, climatic, optical, fluidic and material testing helps our customers arrive at valid results and establish professional documentation.

Prototype Building

In addition to simulation, it is vital nowadays to make products tangible and verifiable in the early phase of development.

Our experienced prototype builders consistently manage to get our product ideas and designs “into shape” within a very short time, and our customers benefit from the excellent quality of the prototypes at every stage of product development - from rapid prototyping through to small-scale mass production.


As an SME member, we thrive on the added value we can offer our customers. More than ever before, our markets are demanding new technical solutions that provide not just innovative advantages but also benefits in terms of price. Ever since the company was founded, Eichenauer has promoted a culture of innovation, demonstrated by more than 100 patents granted. Our patent experts maintain our innovative strength while at the same time ensuring, through patent disclosure, that customers do not infringe third-party property rights when using our products in mass production

Process and production development

Highly complex production facilities are designed in close collaboration between our development and industrial engineering departments. Our own equipment design draws on insights from process tests run by IE to create fully automatic systems and manual workstations.
The top priority here is to create quality-oriented products per customer requirements.

Since this equipment is customized machinery, it is a major advantage for us to be able to carry out our own plant and equipment engineering, drawing on decades of experience in the field.

This comprehensive package of planning, design and construction enables unnecessary interfaces to be avoided, creating the perfect basis for successful product manufacturing.

Since a synchronous organizational structure has been established for all plants, including standardization and visualization, for example, the process and production development department can continue to work on improvements to the process even after handover to volume production.

Mass Production

We manufacture your product by the millions in the finest quality using cutting-edge production facilities. Sophisticated systems control the process so precisely that you receive your heating systems the moment you need them. Our process-oriented organization and project management ensure cost-effectiveness to your benefit.


Our intelligent logistics concepts allow us to meet the demanding requirements of our customers as well as those of the international markets. The use of KANBAN systems enables us to offer a high degree of flexibility and short response times to the benefit of our customers.

The international, state-of-the art networking of our IT systems guarantees high supply reliability, minimum logistical effort and virtually no warehousing costs being incurred to the customer.

We are pleased to take on your logistical challenges each and every day!